Annals of Geophysics Special Issue

The Annals of Geophysics Special Issue “EPOS a Research Infrastructure in solid Earth: open science and innovation” is just released. This is the first of the two volumes of Annals of Geophysics dedicated to EPOS. Our community EPOS-TSU paper “Towards the new Thematic Core Service Tsunami within the EPOS Research Infrastructure” is part of this special issue:…

New preprint on tsunami fragility modelling

Our coordinator, Prof. Jalayer, published as first author a preprint titled “Empirical tsunami fragility modelling for hierarchical damage levels: An application to damage data of the 2009 South Pacific tsunami”. The preprint is now accessible and open for interactive public discussion until the 1st of June, and you can access it here. Moreover, the preprint…


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This is the news page of the European Tsunami Risk Service (ETRiS), a service provider for the the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) candidate Thematic Core Service for tsunami. To read a post click on its title.

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